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Smart Heart and Health, the recognized leader in preventive imaging,  located in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.

Our team utilizes the most advanced techniques and technology to obtain highly accurate images of any part of the body. These studies are customized to the patient’s specific family history and risk factors.

Our techniques are designed to detect not only cancer throughout the body, but also cardiac/vascular and a variety of degenerative diseases.

At Smart Heart and Health we utilize 3Tesla Siemens MRI Scanner and advanced Siemens and Phillips Multi-detector Cardiac CT Scanners. Our oncologic screening imaging where appropriate, can also be performed with our GE PET/CT Scanner.

The ZeroRad™ Scan (Whole Body MRI) was developed at Smart Heart and Health to detect disease throughout the body in asymptomatic patients. The ZeroRad™ Scan, as the name implies, is noninvasive, uses no radiation and requires no contrast.

Patients at risk of stroke can be evaluated noninvasively with MR Angiography.

Another important study that where appropriate will be performed on our patients, is a CT Coronary Angiogram (CTA). This is a minimally invasive technique used to detect Coronary Artery Disease.

Cancer of the colon can be visualized noninvasively using CT Virtual Colonoscopy. This scan is a highly effective and less invasive alternative to the conventional colonoscopy, which requires anesthesia.

We also have a comprehensive women’s imaging and breast facility (Women’s Imaging at Medical Imaging-WIMI) with the most advanced Hologic mammography unit (3D Tomosynthesis), Breast Ultrasound, as well as Invenia-ABUS (Automated Breast Ultrasound).


Our concierge team can arrange to have imaging studies reviewed with you and our expert Radiologists.


We provide a full spectrum of the most

Advanced Preventive Imaging Procedures (see our services).


Smart Heart and Health Preventive Imaging
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